Taverna – Food, Wine + Family

Taverna - food, wine, family

At Taverna we seek out the best imported Italian ingredients for your table, complemented by local products whenever possible. We believe that the soul of Italian cooking is elegance in simplicity. There should be nothing to distract, nothing to hide behind. The ingredients take centre stage so their freshness, quality and flavour can speak for themselves. We also understand that sometimes indulging in American-Italian cooking is a comfort food that just can't be replaced. At Taverna, we give you both those delightful experiences.

Italians are blessed with some of the highest life expectancies in the world while enjoying delicious food and great wine. Simple ingredients like vine-ripened San Marzano tomatoes, fresh garlic, warm basil and the thick golden oil of first pressed olives are celebrated. The harmony between healthy, natural ingredients and delicious flavours can’t derive from a diagram of dietary correctness any more than Michelangelo’s masterpieces could have been created with paint by numbers. There is a respectful understanding of food in its most elemental state. 

That’s why we haven't lost touch with the romance of the old world. We strive with great passion to strike a balance between rustic authenticity and subtle sophistication - and that’s why wine is such an important part of the Taverna experience. Wine is a natural complement to our food, as essential to a good meal as family, shared warmth, and hospitality. Wine is not just the product of a vineyard. It is part of nature - like the sky, the rain, and the terra. It is the blood of the earth.

We invite you to enjoy the spirit of relaxed enjoyment that we strive to recreate at Taverna every night.

Buon appetito!